The best beach clubs to visit in Mykonos

**The best beach clubs to visit in Mykonos**

Every year, thousands of holidaymakers travel to Mykonos to enjoy the sun, the scenery and the exciting parties at the world famous beach clubs. Whether you want to enjoy the nightlife or spend time with your loved ones, these beach clubs ensure you have a good time. Here are some of the best beach clubs in Mykonos, Greece: **Scorpios (Scorpions)** Situated on the southern tip of the island of Mykonos, Skorpios offers an uninterrupted tantalizing view of the sea and its pink, gold and yellow horizon born from the warm sun. This club offers a combination of laid-back relaxation, beach fun in the sun, good food, fine wines and dancing under the stars. There's also a spacious stone club house with great Mediterranean design and Moroccan charm, great for spending a day away from the hot sun - with staff on standby, of course. **Alemagou (Alemagu)** Located on Ftelia Beach, Alemagou Club offers delicious food and fantastic beach parties. Parties start early in the evening and continue until late at night. What is really special about this club is its atmosphere. It features a bohemian setting that can't be found anywhere else in Mykonos. The atmosphere is casual and elegant, yet cosmopolitan and eclectic. The club also has traditional Greek food with a creative twist that sets it apart from others. **Principote Panormos (Principote Panormos)** Situated on the picturesque Panormos Beach, the Principote Hotel is nestled in a wind-sheltered region and is delightfully elegant and relaxed at the same time. It has a large deck for hosting cocktail parties and an expansive beach area where tourists can mingle with the clear blue waters while admiring uninterrupted brilliant views of the Aegean Sea. In the evenings, tourists can enjoy the best of the mainstream and remixes from local DJs while enjoying innovative Mediterranean cuisine with a wide selection of fine wines. **Pasaji (Pasaji)** Located on Ornos Beach, Pasaji Mykonos is inspired by its sister restaurant in Athens. It is mainly designed for indoor dining, although it also allows its guests to enjoy food and drink and still enjoy the sun and sea without even leaving the premises. A unique feature of this club is the hookah bar for guests who enjoy smoking hookah. In addition, the restaurant's menu includes mouth-watering delicacies from Asian, Greek and Italian cuisines. **Nammos (Nammos)** If you are looking for a way to pamper yourself, Nammos Beach Club is one of the most exotic and extravagant clubs to visit. Located on Psarou beach, considered by many to be the "most fashionable", it offers sophisticated designs of large wine glasses, floral china and crisp white tablecloths. Hosting dinners is his speciality. Well-prepared meals are glamorously presented in the restaurant overlooking the beautiful rocky landscape of the island. The restaurant also has its own barbecue service for fresh fish and beef presentations. While on the island of Mykonos, you should consider going to one of these beach clubs. They offer the best of both worlds - famous island beaches as well as incredible nightlife.

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