About Us

Every journey starts with a dream... and we at Hermes Tourism are dreamers. Dreamers who have turned from enthusiasts to experienced managers demonstrating high professionalism in the field of tourism. We are a friendly team of professionals who always keeps abreast of all new trends and, moreover, set the pace in this direction ourselves.

Our team is ready to open Heaven on Earth for you. Beautiful Hellas, about which legends were composed and poets wrote, it was here that the myth collided with reality and together gave us monuments of cultural heritage.

We invite you to plunge into this fairy tale together, where you will become the main character who has the keys to all doors! Let professionals take care of your vacation. Our goal is to give you unforgettable moments that you will remember with a smile.

The success of a good holiday trip, is to find the right assistant who organizes your trip to A from Z. Competent planning is our forte. The only thing that is required is your recommendation, which we will gladly make a reality!

Why Hermes Tourism? Because we are the first DMC in Mykonos that “speaks your language” and offers a full range of services to suit all tastes and budgets. We will be happy to help you book the best villas and hotels of any category, having direct agreements with the most favorable conditions and with the possibility of instant confirmation.

We will help you rent a vehicle with or without a driver to make your trip comfortable. Organization of transfers to any point of Mykonos and to any location in Greece by minibus, luxury car, helicopter and even by boat, which is very popular among the guests of the island, is organized in two clicks. The safety of tourists is our prerogative, and we are ready to provide security and bodyguard services, as well as the protection of any accommodation facility. Any “whim” of a tourist will be fulfilled in an instant by our professionals who are in love with their work and are ready to communicate with him “in his language”. Organization of charters from anywhere in the world, jet-sharing and yacht charter is a daily routine for our team. What could be more pleasant than a cruise on the clear waters of the Aegean Sea with a dose of vitamin D. No problem, we will organize everything!

The most reverent and important moments for tourists, whether it's a wedding, birthday or pre-wedding party; just trust it to the best in event management. The list of services we provide also includes booking any 5*-4* hotels all over Greece. In addition, a modern online booking system allows you to book all services without exceptions, with the ability to create an individual package of services quickly and intuitively. Our advantage is your benefit! Hermes Tourism has such a name for a reason - we, as true lovers of the Greek mythology, decided to name our alma mater in honor of the god of luck, trade and fun, which so vividly characterizes our main and favorite destination - the eternally young island of Mykonos.

Hermes is not just a god. He is the patron of travelers and those who are always on the way. He endows them with good luck and protects them from adversity during their travels. That is why he was undoubtedly chosen as the patron of our company, and therefore our partners and, of course, tourists. Experience a new level of hospitality!

Hermes Tourism Private Company “All the stars lead to us!”

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