About the Airoport of Mykonos

The airport of Mykonos Island will soon be named after the national heroine of Greece - Manto Mavrogenous. Since 1821, she will participate in the liberation of Greece. Being a great patriot, she could not ignore the liberation operation of Hellas. Manto was from a merchant family, after the death of her father, she decided to devote her life to the fight against the Ottoman yoke. Using her personal savings, she fully equipped 2 ships, which will later make a great contribution to the fight against the Ottomans at sea. Since Manto was a young lady of impressive size, this fact complicated her personal participation in hostilities. She made the decision to drastically drop her weight from 350 to 110 pounds in just a year, trying solely on bread and herbs. With the help of this strong-willed Greek woman, Mykonos gained freedom on October 22, 1822. Manto is truly a patriot of his homeland and a strong personality who was not afraid to challenge not only the invaders, but also his personal weaknesses.