The Best Romantic Places to Visit in Mykonos

**The Best Romantic Places to Visit in Mykonos** Known for its incredible ocean views, rich cultural history and extreme partying, the Greek island of Mykonos can be the perfect getaway. People flock here from all over the world every year to experience the island, and couples are especially pleased with what they find here. Mykonos is a romantic island and some places are more romantic than others. Here is more information on the most romantic places couples can visit in Mykonos: **Little Venice** Little Venice attracts artists and tourists with its quaint old town, with its waterfront rental houses amid masquerade cafes and clubs. Sunsets against the bright blue Aegean provide the perfect backdrop to inspire famous paintings and spark romantic evenings. During the day, you can visit the many art exhibitions or relax in one of the bars while watching the waves crash against you. It can be quite romantic to walk the streets hand in hand, pop into some of the shops, or grab a bite to eat at one of the cafes. **Lia beach** As one of the quietest beaches in Mykonos, Lia Beach offers a romantic getaway surrounded by isolated cliffs located in the most southeastern part of the island. The contrast of white sand and clear blue water makes it the perfect place to explore marine life while diving and snorkeling among the rocks. Amenities offer you colorful umbrellas, sun terraces, cafes and bars nearby. **Windmills** An iconic part of Mykonos are the classic white windmills located in the towns of Chora, Ano Mera and Alefkandra. These 16 windmills were used as agricultural machinery to grind crops with the help of the island's strong wind. Today, the buildings are symbols of the past, creating a unique beauty against the backdrop of amazing island sunsets. Windmills provide a romantic backdrop, especially during sunset. Be sure to take lots of photos! **Super Paradise Beach** For a non-conformist, day and night getaway, Super Paradise Beach is the most popular beach in Greece for gay and straight couples looking to relax. The beach can only be reached by taxi boat and offers a nude beach experience. Lively restaurants and unimaginable club life complement the relaxing stay in luxury hotels in the hinterland. Stunning beach views and an open-minded vibe make it a bit crowded, but for good reason. **Hora** Graceful stone roads and white cubic houses built in the Cycladic style among the hills of Myknon's capital, Chora, are a place to stroll through history. Local streets closed to vehicles make it easy to walk around shops and restaurants. Discover architectural monuments such as the church of Panagia Paraportiani and historical relics housed in archaeological, maritime and mythological museums throughout the city. And at night, the city fills with dazzling nightlife on and off the streets. Mykonos offers enough daytime and evening activities to rejuvenate you with convenient beaches and get you excited to explore more. If you want to experience a little romance, be sure to visit each of these places.